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From where your employees work, to how they work and what they need to get done, IDEOBOARD matches the flexibility and performance that the industry needs.

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Effective communication and collaboration between clients, designers and construction teams is essential for success throughout the construction process. Communicating building ideas and solving engineering challenges has always been a visual process traditionally relying on printed construction drawings to communicate between stakeholders. IDEOBOARD 4K 65” smart board with intuitive touch screen display replaces printed drawings providing the tools and functionality needed to bring complex modern buildings to life.

Tech Specs
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Power intensive projects with full-horsepower devices optimised for performance and graphic-intensive workloads. With IDEOBOARD unlock the ultimate productive set-up. Dock to extend to dual 4K screen or to additional accessories.

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Built for in-person and remote participants to be able to engage and interact in all phases of a project.

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Work on CAD files and 3D models with devices that balance power and portability. Sketch with digital pen and keep iterating all-day .

Design, Engineer & Construct 

Easily visualize and share building designs with your clients, project team, and construction partners with the Ideoboard 65-inch interactive whiteboard. Collaborate using BIM Models, CAD designs, and construction management software to bring your ideas to life using Ideoboard's responsive and intuitive touch screen display.

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Effective Communication

Whether your team is onsite, at the office or working remotely, Ideoboard’s built-in camera 8-megapixel camera, 8 point microphone and built-in speakers make video conferencing and real-time collaboration easy. 

Simple, Sturdy & Portable

Even with its construction size, 65-inch digital workspace Ideoboard is portable and easy to move thanks to its beautifully designed stand. Sturdy and flexible thanks to lockable rolling wheels Ideoboard is easy to assemble in minutes

CAD/BIM Modelling 

As Ideoboard is compatible with the latest Windows OPS, Ideoboard allows you to continue using the CAD/BIM programmes you already use, with the added extra of being able to display and manipulate these and a huge 65” display

All-in-one Tool

The versatility of the IDEOBOARD allows you to have your sessions on-site and off-site; review live updates and changes with clients, contractors and crews, using the software you need.

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Construction Software Compatible

Run powerful construction application built for construction. Ideoboard is available with dual Android and Windows operating systems allowing you to choose the powerful applications you use to design and construct.

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