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Bring your lessons to life on Ideoboard’s responsive and intuitive touch screen display.

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Are you ready for modern classrooms?

IDEOBOARD is helping schools and colleges all around the world to engage students, empower teachers and elevate learning outcomes with interactive learning. Easily create and teach engaging digital lesson plans using IDEOBOARD’s 65-inch interactive whiteboard.

Tech Specs
Pixel 2


20 multi-touch points allow multiple kids to interact with the screen simultaneously via touch or stylus. 

Pixel 2


Add variety to your standard class with whiteboarding features, like interactive games, history timelines, and geographical maps

Pixel 2


Share the canvas with your remote students so it’s simple to keep all students on the same page.

Digital Classrooms​

Ideoboard’s reliable and easy to use Android operating system gives teachers the tools they need for the classroom of the future. Easily share lessons between devices with WIFI, Bluetooth and Wired Connectivity. Ideoboard comes equipped with USB, HDMI and wireless screen share options to allow teachers quickly share information from their laptops and classroom tablet devices.

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 Save and Share

Teachers can annotate PDFs, documents, screenshots, and photographs on the whiteboard as needed and save it on the cloud or share it with students using applications of their choice


For virtual classrooms, use your favorite video conferencing apps and real-time digital whiteboarding.

Flexible Learning ​

Make any space your classroom with Ideoboard’s rolling ballet stand. Easily move Ideoboard between classroom locations for flexible teaching and resource sharing

All-in-one Tool

The versatility of the IDEOBOARD allows you to streamline your classes with integrations to Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, and more.

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Apps For Education ONLY BIGGER ​

Choose from a huge range of apps from the Ideostore. Ideoboard becomes the center of digital learning in the classroom with a wide range of useful apps that allow access to a world of interactive educational resources.

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