Designed for  Meeting Rooms

IDEOBOARD's open ecosystem allows you to connect with people from all over the world, share files, mark up screenshots, and integrate your favorite apps. Make each meeting one-of-a-kind.

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Collaborate, Create, Simplify

IDEOBAORD is an all-in-one smart whiteboard and remote collaboration tool for hybrid teams. Whether onsite or working remotely Ideoboard makes collaboration easy with built in video conferencing technology. Equipped with built in Ultra HD Web Camera and Conference Grade Audio, Ideoboard makes it easy for your team to meet using your favourite video conferencing apps. It's almost like being in the same room!

Tech Specs
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IDEOBOARD allows your team to brainstorm and capture ideas in one place, allowing ideas to flow and fueling effective implementation.

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With IDEOBOARD even when the meeting is over, you can send the full session to all attendees, and you can even return to the canvas to collaborate with your team until you've come up with the perfect idea.

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IDEOBOARD nakes your presentations interactive to generate trust and confidence. It's enables you to call in people from anywhere, mark up photos in real time, take notes, and share screens. When the session is finished, you can even export and distribute it.

Visual Collaboration​

Easily visualize and share ideas with the Ideoboard’s 65-inch interactive whiteboard. Brainstorm and collaborate from anywhere in the world using a digital canvas to bring your ideas to life on Ideoboard's responsive and intuitive touch screen display.

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Effective Communication

Whether your team is onsite, at the office or working remotely, Ideoboard’s built-in camera 8-megapixel camera, 8 point microphone and built-in speakers make video conferencing and real-time collaboration easy. 


IDEOBOARD makes it simple to switch between client projects and working sessions, increasing your agility without putting you under stress.

Simple, Sturdy & Portable

Even with its size, 65-inch digital workspace Ideoboard is portable and easy to move thanks to its beautifully designed stand. Sturdy and flexible thanks to lockable rolling wheels Ideoboard is easy to assemble in minutes

Send, Receive, Share & Connect. ​

Easily share ideas between devices with WIFI, Bluetooth, and Wired Connectivity. Ideoboard comes equipped with USB, HDMI, and wireless screen share options to allow your team to quickly share information from their laptops, mobile devices, and the cloud.

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Your Favourite Apps ONLY BIGGER ​

Choose from a huge range of apps from the Ideostore. Ideoboards giant touch screen display enables collaboration in user friendly way making the most of the apps you already love.

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